Diane Davidson, Nutrition Consulting & Paleo Chef Services in San Francisco

I believe the way to happiness, beauty & mental clarity is through nutrition. But, nutrition has gotten a bad rap lately- there is too much emphasis on faulty science and anecdotal advice-- not enough emphasis on intuition. My mission is to help you trust your instincts and eat what feeds you-- not count calories, follow the fads, restrict yourself or feel guilty.

Good nutrition is about reaching your full potential: at work, in the gym, with your loved ones, and in your clothes. The way to get there is by eating what is naturally nutrient-dense and designed by nature to be delicious.

My cooking style was borne from my Texas roots and California ambitions. I came to San Francisco for culinary & nutrition school, and the food culture I discovered convinced me to stay. I utilize the freshest of the incredible ingredients available here to create healthy cuisine that energizes, heals, and satisfies. 

Cast Iron Kitchen specializes in organic, health-promoting fare that masquerades as indulgent comfort food. As a certified Therapeutic Chef I studied the effects of different diet plans on my clients and self. I came to realize that a whole foods Paleo diet was the key to vitality. My dishes emphasize fresh, local vegetables and fruits, leafy greens, pastured meats, vibrant spices, fresh herbs and organic nuts and seeds. My kitchen is free of gluten, grains, legumes, or refined sugar in any dishes, and I use full-fat grassfed dairy sparingly. As a Nutrition Consultant I balance macronutrients & ensure adequate vitamin and mineral content. In addition to meticulous ingredient selection, I use only healthy cookware—no aluminum, Teflon, or BPA.

I agree with Virginia Woolf’s sentiment that, “One cannot think well, love well, sleep well, if one has not dined well.” The Cast Iron Kitchen mission is to help San Franciscans thrive