private chef

As your personal chef, I want you to feel confident in every meal you eat, knowing that it is sourced from the best organic and local purveyors and is made with loving hands. I offer a full menu & I honor requests.

When you eat whole foods, your body finds its ideal weight, your skin has a natural glow, and your energy remains high and stable throughout the day. Cast Iron Kitchen is about intuitive eating- no extreme or restricted diets- just real, nutrient-dense food that keeps you balanced

We don't count calories, carbs, or points. Quality is what counts. Our bodies are more capable of healing than we realize: once we remove processed food, our intuition clearly guides us toward what we should eat. 

On the Cast Iron Kitchen program, your body and attitude will evolve. You’ll feel leaner, smarter, stronger, energetic, rested, and all around more gorgeous. 

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Personal Chef Services in San Francisco:

  • Private chef service: you select items from a changing weekly menu and we'll deliver them to your door every Monday evening. No weekly commitment necessary, 5 meal minimum for delivery. Each meal costs around $26. 
  • Full service + weight loss: combining personal chef services with nutrition consulting, we'll come up with a fail-safe game plan to get you fitter than ever before.
  • Special occasion week: a one-time service to aid you in a time of need. Hectic week at work? Relatives coming in town? Nutritionist made meals will help you through. 
  • Gift week: show your loved ones you really care by sending them delicious, happiness-inducing food.
  • Party time: order bites or a full sit- down dinner for your guests. 

All items are organic & paleo

Sample weekly menu:


  • Chicken with bacon, thyme & apple
  • Beef bourgignon (bacon, mushrooms, red wine, pearl onion, carrot)
  • Ginger-scallion pork meatballs
  • Mango chicken with lime
  • Paleo pad thai with shrimp (made with sweet potato noodles)
  • BBQ pulled pork
  • Braised beef short ribs with tangerine & chinese 5-spice
  • Mini frittatas with turkey, kale & caramelized onion
  • Silky whipped sweet potatoes
  • Roasted butternut squash with pumpkin seeds & lime
  • Brussels sprouts with pomegranate and bacon


  • Dark chocolate paleo brownies
  • Turmeric tonic with fresh ginger, lemon, & raw honey