paleo personal chef

When you eat whole foods in balance, your body finds its ideal weight, your skin has a natural glow, and your energy remains high and stable throughout the day. Cast Iron Kitchen is about intuitive eating- no starvation or liquid fasts, no extreme or restricted diets like raw or vegan- just real, nutrient-dense food that keeps you balanced. 

We don't count calories, carbs, or points. A calorie is not always a calorie. Quality is what counts. Our bodies are more capable of healing than we realize: once we remove intuition-dulling processed food, we are able to clearly see what we should and shouldn't eat (& in the necessary amount at the right times). 

As your personal chef, I want you to feel confident in every meal you eat, knowing that it is sourced from the best organic and local purveyors and is made with loving hands. I offer a full menu & I honor requests.

After a month on the Cast Iron Kitchen program, you won’t recognize the person you were the previous month. Your muscles will naturally be tauter, your tummy will be flatter, and you’ll feel leaner and all around more gorgeous. Your energy levels will be through the roof, and you’ll be sleeping better than ever before. We believe that nourishing a happy, healthy body includes the mind, and our meals will have you both looking great and feeling mentally sharp as a tack.

Personal Chef Services in San Francisco Include:

  • Weekly: menus submitted to you for approval & adjustments, customized organic, paleo meals delivered to your door each week. Please email for pricing and package information. 
  • Special occasion week: a one-time service to aid you in a time of need. Relatives coming in town? Hectic week at work or school? Nutritionist made meals can help you through. 
  • Paleo treats for special events: available to serve up to 100 people. Weddings, birthday party, and holiday party references available.